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SIP Doorphones

There are various SIP doorphones available, two we have tested are made by 2N and Robin Telecom.

More information about the 2N doorphone van be found here

More information about Robin Compact SIP V2:

For over 20 years, the Robin Telecom Development door intercom system is known for its robust design, durability, and reliable performance in outdoor applications, in all weather conditions. During the design phase of the successor for the Robin Compact SIP V1, these principles were once again paramount in our design philosophy:

SIP doorphone
• Native SIP protocol stack (no internal ATA)
• Registers as VoIP extension on Axeos
• PoE ( IEEE 802.3af )
• Piezo touchpads have replaced the traditional mechanical pushbuttons
• Available with 1, 2, 4, or 6 Piezo touchpads
• On-board door-opener relay
• Full aluminum casing, incl anodised front-panel (oxide coating, corrosion-resistant)
• (Remote) configuration via web-browser
• For more info contact: Frank Kuipers / / +31 (0) 72 534 64 26

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