Service Provider Platform (SPP)

The Service Provider Platform (SPP) is an Operations Support System (OSS) that can easily be linked to your Business/Billing Support System (BSS) for provisioning and/or invoicing. Of course it works perfectly without the use of a BSS bringing you all the great help in managing the operations of your VoIP business. The SPP greatly reduces your OPEX when you are scaling up the Axeos PBX platform and Standalone PBX's. You can easily manage many servers that each hold many virtual PBX's. The SPP can manage all your Axeos Standalone units in the field as well making it a great versatile tool for central management.

With SPP you can easily create,manage and change licenses of the PBX's giving you easy and tight control of functions enabled for your end-customers. You can fully automate your invoicing giving the freedom and flexibility to your end-customers.

SPP is extremely powerful in enabling your resellers by giving them their own view into SPP and allowing them to do all that is granted by you via the enhanced role based management functions. Your reseller can immediately serve and manager their own customers which greatly improves customer satisfaction and drives down your cost on your technical staff. You stay in full control and can easily manage all aspects with a good intuitive graphical interface.

The SPP main task is to enable the administrator to easily manage the Axeos hosted (virtual) PBX platform and standalone units. As the SPP administrator you can manage all vPBX servers, using a graphical user interface. Within a few clicks you create, edit or remove new hosted or standalone PBX.

The main functions are:

  • create, change and remove PBX's
  • manage any PBX from one central tool
  • manage firmware version for easy upgrades
  • central CDR recording
  • CDR view separated for SP, reseller and end-customer
  • SIP proxy management
  • Phone number management and administration
  • Audit log viewer for tight security audits
  • Role-based User Manager for detailed login control
  • PBX Server Management and administration
  • Licenses Manager, easily change,remove, renew licenses)
  • Resellers management
  • language support


Manage all vPBX and local PBX servers in an easy way..

Run advanced CDR reports within a few easy clicks..

Connect via SSH

For those who do not wish to use the great functions of SPP can still manage their Axeos Hosted platform via easy menus on the command line. This gives you all the basic functions to do your basic management. A great and cost effective way when you start with a manageable amount of PBX's to control. Connect to the SPP server using a SSH client. Whenever you want you can upgrade to SPP without any effort.

Examples of SSH clients are:

  • Secure Shell Client
  • Putty

Log in with ssh as admin@<ip_address> server. You now have “vpbx>” as prompt.

Tip: type “help” of “help command” for simple hints

The commonly used commands are: new, halt, start and destroy

Creating a new vpbx

  • enter “new <name> [version]” where name is the label of the pbx to be created and version is optional.
  • memory use 256 as default value. 128 is simply the absolute minimum possible and give very little space for music on hold and voicemail etc. Never use 128 if you need more than 5 phones/users
  • bandwidth 1024 ~ 8 concurrent calls. increase if needed
  • extra ip address: just press enter. This is only relevant in closed vpn clouds (ASP cloud).
  • list of bridges: just press enter. This is only relevant in closed vpn clouds (ASP cloud).
  • Disabled VPBX will never be automatically started [False]: just press enter. If changed to true then pbx will not be started automatically when fail-over or server is rebooted
  • domain name: press enter to accept default
  • DNS primary/secondary: press enter to accept default
  • Administrator password : press enter to accept default or change
  • default callerid: for special accounting purposes. press enter to accept default

You must now start the pbx to make it really functional. After you have started then go to the admin interface and add a license so the vpbx is being activated. Otherwise the default license is active. Do set the firewall rules and check the firewall rules are set! Default firewall rules are loaded based on template.

stop a vpbx

  • halt <name>

start a vpbx

  • start <name>

remove a vpbx

  • halt <name> (wait until halted)
  • destroy <name> (confirm to destroy)

You cannot undo this operation! Everything is really gone forever if you do not have a backup of the config.

upgrade pbx

  • halt <name>
  • upgrade <name> <version>
  • start <name>

Connect via GUI

The best way to manage your hosted platform is using the GUI. You can manage all high level aspects by using your browser.

Service Provider Platform GUI Login

Login to the SPP using the administrator username and password provided by Axeos and get started!

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