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Secure Remote Support

From you support team you may have received a support ticket. Installing this ticket allows the support staff to securely access your PBX.
This feature can only be used in combination with a remote support file provided by Axeos. Please contact us if you require a support file.

How to install a support ticket

Installing the support ticket can be done in two ways:

  • Using the GUI:
    1. login to the PBX and go to menu option System and choose Remote Support
    2. browse for the file that you have received via mail and saved on your PC
    3. select and activate it
    4. once activated, a VPN will automatically be created to our engineering servers which can be used to secure support

  • Using the CLI:
    1. use get prompt from which you can use ssh
    2. then execute admin@<IP_address_of_PBX> install_support_ticket < Documents/AXEOS/Support-tickets/<file_name>.gz
    3. then enter the admin's password if requested and press enter
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