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Remote Phone Forward

From version 2.0.2 it is possible to remotely forward your phone extension.
You can connect in inbound number to 'external voicemail'. By entering your voicemail extension and password you get access to the voicemailsystem.

To use this function follow the steps below:
step 1 - link your 'external voicemail' to an inbound number at menu option 'Dial Settings / Inbound'.
step 2 - call the inbound number you've linked to the external voicemail.
step 3 - authenticate using mailbox extension and voicemail pin-code. step 4 - choose option 3, after which you choose option 4
step 4 – enter : *72#
step 5 – enter : <extensie># so for example: 200#
step 6 – enter the number to which you want to forward your calls, followed by the # key. For example: 00612345678#

Please note that when a user has set a call forward to a mobile phone the pbx trunk phone number will be displayed. This is intentional behaviour as external SIP providers may refuse calls when the PBX keeps the caller-id of an external incoming call when forwarding it outbound.

On mobile phones:
Pause (p) pauses, then resumes dialing on its own. The 'p' sign can be chosen by clicking the '*' button 3 times.
Wait (w) pauses until you resume it manually. The 'w' sign can be chosen by clicking the '*' button 4 times.

To automate this process you can save a contact on your phone using the following format: <phone_number>p<ext>#p<pwd>#p3p4p*72#ppp<ext>#pp<mobile_number>#p

To disable the forward use the following format: <phone_number>p<ext>#p<pwd>#p3p4p*73<ext>#p

Note: It is required to have the 'allow dialout' enabled at the 'edit extension' screen, in order to be able to make use of this feature

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