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Network Settings

When a new PBX is connected to the LAN (using the first network port on the server) it will request an IP address from the DHCP server on the LAN.

You can verify the IP address in your gateway/router. If you don't have access to the device it is also possible to connect to the PBX using the console cable. Enter the 'menu' and choose 'showip' to verify what IP address has been allocated to the PBX.

Once connected to the PBX using your browser, go to menu option 'System' and choose 'Network'.

Set 'Eth 0 type' to 'IP' to make the IP address static on that port.

The Gateway and NS1/NS2 (DNS Servers) are required to be set correctly (either via DHCP or statically) to ensure all functions can work correctly.

TIP: The IP address used on ETH port 0 can not be in the same subnet als the IP address used on ETH port 1.

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