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ISDN Settings

The Axeos IP PBX is also available with ISDN BRI or PRI.


  • BRI has 2 ISDN channels. You can connect the PBX to NT-1/ISDN
  • The IP PBX is by default in TE mode
  • If you connect a single BRI (1 NT1) you should choose the PTMP setting
  • If you connect a bundled BRI (multiple ISDN2 connections) you should choose the PTP setting
  • Multiple ISDN2/BRI/NT1 are not always bundled, as they can also work separately from each other
  • Only when you connect an ISDN device (such as another PBX) you should use NT mode. In that scenario the other (ISDN) PBX is in TE mode.


  • PRI is always PTP
  • PRI is always in TE mode unless you are connecting a ISDN PBX to the Axeos IP PBX.


In this example we will connect a single ISDN2 connection to the Axeos IP PBX ISDN port 1.

If the ISDN card is available, it will show in the 'Installed Hardware' table:

There are three parts of the software configuration:

  • Hardware settings

  • Outbound Trunk

  • Inbound Trunk

The inbound trunk should be entered in the ISDN format used in your country. Most of the time that is <area code><subscriber code> without leading zero and without <country code>. For example, number international number 33201234567 should be entered as 201234567. Where 201 is the area code.

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