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Installation issues


One way traffic : caller can't hear other party

actions to troubleshoot:

  • Possibly caused by firewall settings. Check the firewall, ensure any SIP Helper or ALG is disabled
  • make sure that you have disabled ICE or STUN on your IP phone
  • Log on to the PBX and disable smart routing on the extension
  • Log on to the PBX and verify the NAT status on the extension, switch to “yes”

Phone problems : can't call outbound numbers on a phone

actions to troubleshoot:

  • Dial *98 to connect to the voicemail system. If it works you know the phone is registered on the PBX.
  • Logon to the PBX and verify the status of the phone extension. The icon should be bright green if the phone is registered on the PBX.
  • Logon to the IP Phone and verify all settings are correct. The phone will at least require the PBX IP address, extension number and its password.

Invalid License : when connecting to the PBX the license appears to be invalid

  • Contact your dealer or the Axeos sales team at to request a new license.

DSL Modems

On DSL modems SIP helper or ALG should be disabled.

Disable all ALG functionality
Disable siphelper if available
Add static NAT for port 5060

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