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The Axeos PBX is can receive faxes and delivers them as PDF to your email address.

To configure it you only need to take the following two simple steps:

1. Create softfax extension

Go to menu option 'Phone', 'Extensions', click on 'Add' and select 'Faxmodem extension' to create your softfax extension.

Enable 'Soft fax' and enter the email address on which you want to receive your faxes.

2. Link number to extension

Enter the full phonenumber on the 'Inbound numbers' tab.

Select 'Fax embedded' as Type and the (at step 1 created) softfax extension on the 'Default action' tab.

Go to menu option 'Dial Settings' and select 'Inbound' to show all inbound numbers configured. Click on 'Add' to create the fax number


If you don't receive any faxes you should verify the SMTP server settings on the PBX.

Go to menu option 'System', 'Options' and select 'Mail , SMTP settings'.

Make sure you enter a correct SMTP Host and any authentication details if required.

Verify your email server logs to see if the spam filter has caught the emails.

If you need to take a closer look at logging files you can:

1. Check the logs at menu option 'System', 'Options' and select 'Diagnostics' to generate and download logs.

2. Verify the realtime debugging log by connecting to the CLI:Debugging via command line interface (CLI)

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