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Basic CLI Menu

Use an SSH client such as SSH Secure Shell to connect to the PBX on port 22.

Login by using your administrator username and password.

Enter the command: aox_console

Enter the command: menu

For most common commands you can simply enter the commands shown below:

showip – show current network configuration
setip – set IP address on the primary (WAN) interface
setaltip – set IP address on the secondary (LAN) interface
router – change router settings (forwarding and NAT)
dhcpd – enable/disable DHCP server
firewall – set up firewall rules
mgrapi – set up manager API users
ping – ICMP ping, for network configuration checking
sensors – hardware health status
license – install a new license
reset – reset configuration to the factory defaults and reboot
reboot – reboot the pbx
halt – shutdown the pbx

Your choice (empty to quit):

Press enter (enter no command) to leave the menu.

NOTE: You can use the serial cable to connect to a local Axeos PBX and use the above menu to manage the system during the installation.

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